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the AutoWays is only compatible with car head units that support wired apple car play

VolkswagenRetrofit Tianbao/Dexiang Xiwei main engine 187B/280/280D/280E/275/275A 866C/87/869/048/049YES
VolkswagenSoar team 2018/2019/2020/2021 YES
VolkswagenQuickly send  2019  YES
Volkswagenlavida  2017/2018/2019/2021  YES
VolkswagenLavida plus  2018/2019  YES
VolkswagenLavida pure electric  2019  YES
VolkswagenT - ROC song  2018/2019/2020/2021  YES
VolkswagenThe concept of road L  2017/2018/2021/2019/2020  YES
VolkswagenTiguan L new energy  2019/2020/2021  YES
VolkswagenView of path X  2021  YES
VolkswagenHui  2018/2019/2021  YES
VolkswagenThe beatles  2018/2019  YES
VolkswagenMatt wei  2018/2019  YES
VolkswagenKay rovio  2018/2019  YES
VolkswagenNew can be cool  2019  YES
Volkswagenpiece  2018/2021  YES
VolkswagenRoad yue  2019/2020/2021  YES
VolkswagenExplore Yue new energy  2021  YES
VolkswagenAgent yue  2019/2020/2021  YES
VolkswagenYue GTE is plugged in and mixed  2020  YES
VolkswagenAgent yue Ⅹ  2020  YES
VolkswagenExplore the shadow  2020/2021  YES
Volkswagenpassat  2019/2020/2021  YES
VolkswagenPassat New Energy  2019/2020/2021 YES
VolkswagenLingkai2019/2020/2021  YES
VolkswagenSharon 2018/2019YES
Volkswagen Tuon 2017/2019/2020/2021YES
Volkswagen Tuon X 2019/2020/2021YES
Volkswagen Weiran 2020YES
Volkswagen Magotan 2018/2019/2020YES
Volkswagen Magotan GTE Plug-in Hybrid 2019/2020YES
Volkswagen Polaris 2019/2020/2021YES
Volkswagen Polaris Pure Electric 2020/2021YES
Volkswagen polo 2018/2019/2021YES
Volkswagen ID.4X 2021YES
Volkswagen ID.4CROZZ 2021YES
Volkswagen Golf 2018/2019/2020/2021YES
Volkswagen Golf Pure Electric 2020  YES
Volkswagen Golf (imports) 2017/2018/2019/2020YES
Volkswagen Golf New Energy (Import) 2018YES
Volkswagen Golf 8th Generation 2021  Cannot confirm now
Volkswagen C-TREK2020YES
Volkswagen Touareg New Energy 2021YES
Volkswagen Tiquan 2018/2019YES
Volkswagen Golf Plus 2019/2020YES
Volkswagen Volkswagen CC 2019/2020/2021YES
Volkswagen Touareg 2019/2020/2021YES
Volkswagen Jetta VA3 2019/2020/2021YES
Volkswagen Jetta VS7 2020/2021YES
Volkswagen Jetta VS52019/2020/2021YES
Audi MMIA4L2018/2019/2020YES
Audi MMIA62020/2021YES
Audi MMIA32019/2020/2021YES
Audi MMIS32017/2018YES
Audi MMIRS32019  YES
Audi MMIS42019/2020YES
Audi MMIA42017/2018YES
Audi MMIQ72018/2019/2020/2021YES
Audi MMIQ82018/2019/2020YES
Audi MMIA52017/2019YES
Audi MMIA6L New Energy 2020/2021YES
Audi MMIA6L2017/2018/2021/2019/2020  YES
Audi MMISQ52019  YES
Audi MMIQ5L2018/2020YES
Audi MMIQ2L2018/2019/2020YES
Audi MMIA72019/2020/2021YES
Audi MMIA82018/2019/2020/2021YES
Audi MMIQ32019/2020/2021YES
MazdaAtez2017/2018 (only with touch screen)YES
Mazda Mazda32019/2020 (only with touch screen)YES
Mazda CX-92019 (only with touch screen)YES
Mazda CX-52017/2018/2019/2020 (only with touch screen)YES
Mazda CX42018 (only with touch screen)YES
Mazda grand touring2017 (only with touch screen)NO
Skoda Speedy2018/2020YES
Skoda Octavia2017YES
Skoda brand new superb2016YES
Skoda Fabia mk32019YES
Skoda Scala 2020  YES
Skoda Kodiak2020YES
Skoda Kodiak2018YES
Mercedes A 2002020YES
Mercedes A 200 L2020YES
Mercedes A 220 L 2020/2021YES
Mercedes AMG A35L 2019/2020YES
Mercedes AMG C432019YES
Mercedes AMG E532019YES
Mercedes AMG E552019YES
Mercedes AMG63S 2019/2020YES
Mercedes B180 2019/2020YES
Mercedes B 200 2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes B 260 2019/2020YES
Mercedes CLS 260 2020/2021YES
Mercedes CLS 300 2018/2020/2021YES
Mercedes CLS 350 2018/2020/2021YES
Mercedes CLS400 d 2019/2020YES
Mercedes CLA 45 2019/2020YES
Mercedes CLA1802019YES
Mercedes CLA 200 2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes CLA2202019YES
Mercedes CLA260 2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes C1802018YES
Mercedes C180L2019YES
Mercedes C200 2018/2020/2021YES
Mercedes C 2202019YES
Mercedes C200L 2016/2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes C 260 2019/2020/2021YES
MercedesC 260L2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes C300 2018/2019/2020YES
Mercedes C300L 2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes C class 2019/2020YES
Mercedes Class 4502019YES
Mercedes E class 2019/2020YES
Mercedes E63S2018YES
Mercedes E200 2018/2019YES
Mercedes E220d2017YES
Mercedes E2502017YES
Mercedes E 260 2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes E 300 2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes E350 2019/2020YES
Mercedes E350L 2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes E300L 2018/2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes E300L New Energy 2020/2021YES
Mercedes E320L2019YES
Mercedes E260L 2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes E200L2019YES
Mercedes E400 d 2019/2020YES
Mercedes E400 Cabriolet2018YES
Mercedes EQC 350 2020/2021YES
Mercedes EQC 400 2020/2021YES
Mercedes G3502020YES
Mercedes G500 2019/2020YES
Mercedes GLA 1802020YES
Mercedes GLA 200 2018/2019/2020YES
MercedesGLA 2202018/2019YES
Mercedes GLA 260 2018/2019/2020YES
Mercedes GLB180 2020/2021YES
Mercedes GLB 200 2020/2021YES
Mercedes GLC 200 2019/2020YES
Mercedes GLC 200L2019YES
Mercedes GLC 260 2019/2021YES
Mercedes GLC260L 2018/2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes GLC 300 2020/2021YES
Mercedes GLC 300 L 2019/2020/2021YES
Mercedes GLE 300 d 2018/2019YES
Mercedes GLE 320 2018/2019YES
Mercedes GLE 350 2017/2020/2021YES
Mercedes GLE 350 d 2018/2019YES
Mercedes GLE 350 e New Energy 2021YES
Mercedes GLE 400 2018/2019YES
Mercedes GLE450 2020/2021YES
Mercedes GLS 320 2018/2019YES
Mercedes GLS 350 d2018YES
Mercedes GLS 400 2018/2019/2021YES
Mercedes GLS 450 2020/2021YES
Mercedes GLS 5002018YES
Mercedes S320L 2018/2019YES
Mercedes S350L 2018/2019/2020YES
Mercedes S4002021YES
Mercedes S450 2018/2020YES
Mercedes S450L 2018/2019/2020/2021YES
MercedesS500 L2018/2019/2021YES
Mercedes SL4502018YES
Mercedes Vito2019NO
Mercedes V2602020YES
Porsche Porsche9114s YES
PorscheCayenne 2018 2019 2020YES
Porsche macan 2018 2020YES
Porschepanamera 2017 2018 2019 2020YES
Porsche911 2017 2018 2019 2020YES
Porsche Porsche Boxster2019YES
Porsche Cayenne2019YES
Porsche718 2018、2019YES
PeugeotPeugeot308 Peugeot 308 T92016YES
PeugeotPeugeot4081.2T YES
Peugeot Peugeot3008 2018、2019YES
Peugeot Peugeot5008 2017、2019YES
Peugeot Peugeot2082017YES
PeugeotPeugeot508L YES
Volvo xc40 2018、2020、2021YES
Volvo Xc60 2018、2019YES
Volvo s90 2017 2018 2019YES
Volvo V602020YES
Volvo v90 2018 2019YES
Volvo Volvo XC90 2017 2017、2018YES
HondaCivic (Citizen)2019/2020YES
Honda fit ex2018YES
Honda Ridgeline2018YES
Honda Crown Road 20192.0tYES
Honda Jade YES
Honda Haoying2020YES
Honda Accord (ten generations) 2018/2019YES
Honda English Poetry2019YES
Honda CRV2018YES
Hyundai Palisade2020YES
Hyundai lead2018YES
Hyundai Tucson 2017/2018YES
Hyundai IX35 YES
Hyundai Sonata Sonata2020YES
Hyundai Sonata Sonata2017, 2020YES
Hyundai famous picture 2017 2018YES
Hyundai Hyundai Phase One2017YES
Hyundai 2020 Sonata2020YES
Hyundai 2016 Modern Sonatas YES
Hyundai Sonata 2017 Hyundai YES
Hyundai Hyundai Palisades2020YES
Hyundai modern 2017YES
Hyundai Hyundai kona evYES
Hyundai Hyundai KonaEVYES
Hyundai Hyundai lonig BlueYES
Hyundai Hyundai lonig 2019YES
HyundaiHyundai i302018 2019YES
Hyundai Hyundai iload2020YES
Hyundai Hyundai 205 Azera YES
Hyundai Hyundai Genesis2016YES
HyundaiLong move2016YES
Buick Intellilink envision 2018/2019/2020YES
Buick Intellilink Angke Banner2020YES
Buick Intellilink ankola2020YES
Buick Intellilink Regal 2017/2018/2019/2021YES
Buick Intellilink Buick GL8 Ultimate 2.0t2017YES
Buick Intellilink Buick GL8653T2020YES
Buick Intellilink Yuelang2019YES
Buick Intellilink Valeant2019YES
Buick Intellilink LaCrosse 2016/2018/2021YES
Buick Intellilink Xinyinglang2017YES
NISSAN Nissan Leaf 2018/2019YES
NISSAN juke2020YES
NISSAN leaf2017YES
NISSAN Kick 2018/2019YES
NISSAN Sylphy2018YES
NISSAN Qijun 2017/2018YES
Ford Pathfinder4VAUYES
Ford fiesta (Carnival) 2020 ford fiesta UKYES
Ford C-max2017YES
Ford sharp world2017YES
Ford Escape 2020/2018YES
Ford F-150 2018/2019YES
Ford kuga2020YES
Ford f-250 2017 syn3YES
Ford F-3502019YES
Ford Galaxy2017YES
Ford wing tiger 2020/2021YES
Ford Mondeo2018YES
Ford Mustang (medium size)2019YES
Ford ranger 2020 Ford ranger wild trackYES
Ford Lincoln (Continental) 2018/2019YES
Ford Lincoln MKX 2017/2018YES
Ford Lincoln Aviator2020YES
Ford Focus (Fox) mk4 2018sync2.5YES
Jeep wrangler wrangler 2019 jeep wrangler USAYES
Jeep Compass compass 2019/2020YES
Jeep Grand Commander 2018/2020YES
Jeep free light cherokee2019YES
Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo 2018、2020YES
Bentley Bentley YES
Borgward Borgward BX52017YES
Cadillachaker/fiesta (Carnival)2017/2018/2019YES
Cadillac Cadillac XTS2018YES
Cadillac Escalade2018YES
Cadillac Atsl2016YES
Cadillac Cadillac Fashion Edition2017YES
Cadillac Cadillac XT52018YES
Cadillac Cadillac XT52020YES
Cadillac Cadillac CT5 2019/2020YES
Cadillac Cadillac XT6 2019/2020YES
Cadillac Cadillac XT4 2019/2020YES
Chevrolet Chevrolet Malibu X YES
Chevrolet Volt 2018/2017YES
Chevrolet explorer2018YES
Chevrolet Silverado LTZ2016YES
Chevrolet Equinox2018YES
Chevrolet Chevrolet Colorado2020YES
Chevrolet Chevrolet Spark2016YES
Chevrolet Chuangku YES
Chevrolet Cruz2017YES
Chevrolet Chevrolet BoltEV 2017/2019YES
Chevrolet Silverado RST2019YES
Citroen c4 picasso YES
Citroen Berlingo2019YES
Citroen c5 YES
Genesis Genesis G802018YES
Genesis Genesis g70 YES
Acura TLX with tech2018YES
GMCGMC Sierra2017、2018YES
GMC Sierra2020YES
KIAKIA 2016 kiaK5YES
KIA XCeed2020NO
KIA Stinger GT 20182019(RHD)YES
KIA Sportage2016YES
KIA Niro 2018、2020YES
KIA Rio2019YES
KIA Alpineilx-700 NO
KIA OptimaLX 2018 2019YES
KIA Kxcross2019YES
KIA Sorento2018YES
KIA telluride2020YES
KIA Stonic YES
KIA Forte2018YES
KIA forte52017YES
KIA e-Soul2020YES
Lexus Lexus 450h2020YES
Lexus Lexus NX3002020YES
Lexus Lexus ls5002018YES
Lexus Lexus es3502019YES
Lexus Lexus RX459H YES
Maserati Levante YES
Maserati ghibli2018YES
Opel Opel/Vauxhall Astra k2016YES
Opel Insignia B Grand 2017、2018YES
RenaultRenault ZOE2020YES
Renault Koleo2017YES
Renault Megana2017YES
Renault Renault Megan RS2019YES
Renault Renault Megane SW2018YES
Seat Seat Leon 2017 2018、2019YES
Seat Seat Toledo2016YES
Toyota Camry 2018/2019YES
Toyota Corolla2020YES
Toyota Tacoma YES
Toyota venza YES
Toyota Tundra YES
ToyotaSienna2018needs to be updated
Toyota Sienna2019+YES
Toyota highlander2020+YES
Toyota avalon2019YES
Toyota 4Runner2020YES
Toyota Altis10, 202019YES
Toyotaralink 2018/2019YES
Toyota rav4 2019/2020YES
ToyotaAltis 122019YES
Land Roveraurora2020YES
Land Rover Range Rover 2018/2020YES
Land Rover pia mater2017YES
Land Rover find movement2020YES
Land Rover find five 2017/2018YES
Jaguar XEL 2019/2020YES
Jaguar XFL2018YES
Jaguar I-PACE 2016/2019/2020YES
Subaru Subaru Subaru xv TurkeyYES
Roewe Roewe rx5 YES
Roewe Roewe i5 YES
Haval Haval H62018YES
Haval Haval H2 YES
MG MG 62017YES
MG Zhongshan Electric Vehicle2019YES
Wey Weipai vv52018YES
Wey MG 2018vv6YES
Wey Weipai vv72019YES
Suzuki Suzuki Vitra YES
Suzuki Vitra2017-2020YES
Suzuki Changan Suzuki2016YES
Mitsubishi Outlander2020YES
SGMW Baojun 730 Premium Edition YES
SGMW Baojun 510 2017/2018YES
Lynk Lynk & Co 012018YES
INFINITIInfiniti Q602020YES
INFINITIInfiniti Q50 sports2020YES
PioneerPioneer da120YES
PioneerPioneer AVH-ZL5150BTYES
PioneerPioneer z7250btYES
PioneerPioneer AVH-2400EYES
PioneerPioneer DMH-YES
PioneerPioneer AVH-2330YES
PioneerPioneer AVH-1330YES
PioneerPioneer AVH-1440YES
PioneerPioneer fh9400dvsYES
PioneerPioneer NEX headYES
PioneerPioneer 250btYES
PioneerPioneer AVH-2015YES
ChevroletSuburban 2016YES
HondaOdyssey2018 +Only AutoWays Star
HondaPilot 2017 +Only AutoWays Star
HondaPassport2019 +Only AutoWays Star
NissenLeafhas USB port power failure problem
NissenVanquish6, often restart
NissenSkodacan not call the original microphone / can not hear the voice on the phone / voice assistant does not recognize
Changanmodel, UNI-K series
Nissankicksscreen, stuck problem
NissanTundraadd power supply line to use
FordF150not full screen / right side blocking
FordBronconot full screen / right side blocking
FordExpedition (Sync 4 system) 2022not full screen / right side blocking
Fordtorus 2022not full
screen / right side blocking
FordRanger2023need to update to the latest version to use
ToyotaLand Cruiser 2023 /2022not recognized into the system
Kia Sedona2015 - 2021YES
Hyundai Elantra2023YES
chevrolet traverse2017YES
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