Kosher Navigation System

Only $300 + Free Shipping

Order the Navigation online

Get it delivered to your house

Connect to your compatible car and enjoy waze and google maps

A Navigation THAT


Made to last

Get a high-quality navigation that is built to last.

fast connection

Connects to your car in less then a minute

Waze and Google Maps

See your entire route right away

Dual Bluetooth

built-in for hands-free calling, Music, and connecting all kinds of Bluetooth

Easy to use

Connects to your car in less than a minute

Cheap monthly plan

We recommend the Tello plan for just $6 a month.

Built-in Gps

For A strong GPS connection

More Feautres

Built-in 4G-LTE
SD card slot

AutoWays is the highest quality kosher GPS on the Market. It’s a simple device without a screen. installed Waze and google maps on it. when plugged into the car it will pop up on the car screen via Apple car play and  Will display the Navigation apps.

AutoWays Is tested and approved by TAG. and LTAHIER (לטהר) from New Square. and Vaad-Hamishmeress (ועד משמרת) from Satmar. and Vaad-ltahereiny (ועד לטהרינו) from Satmar.

AutoWays is simple to use!

Just plug it in to your car and navigate with it!

About Us

The first brand for kosher Waze and google maps on car screens.
We sell the highest standard devices for our customers.
AutoWays is “The” kosher GPS on the market.

AutoWays Is a project by SmartArt Tech.

Why Us?



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